Experience knee pain walking down stairs?

Just few months ago I experienced this knee pain walking down stairs, at first I didn’t mind it then it go away. But after few weeks there it goes again, most especially after waking up in the morning and go down from the bedroom.
I got curious what’s causing this knee pain walking down stairs, then it occurred to me that I’m doing a lot of sports lately.  In one whole week I would at least play some ping pong (table tennis), play basketball and finally badminton.  Each game would really make me feel tired because I enjoyed a lot while playing with my friends.

knee pain walking downstairs

I did a little research and found some facts that are worth sharing to other people that maybe experiencing this same pain.  Well here it goes, first you need to analyze where the pain is coming from is it inside, outside, front or back of the knee?

In my case it’s in the front of the knee, according to write-ups there might be a number of reasons why there’s knee pain.  If you’re experiencing inside or outside of the knee it might be cause by some tissue damage or injury.  If it’s at the back of the knee it might be cause by fluid build-up that is also known as “Baker’s Cysts”.

Actually there’s many other number of things that you need to watch out or observe why you experience this. Are there any swelling at your knees, any grinding or popping sound when standing from sitting, are you doing prolonged activities like running, walking or standing for a long period of time, accidents or slips, any of this might contribute and lead to knee pain.

(Wow didn’t expect that, that’s a lot.)

There are different treatments for different pains and different causes, going back to my case its more like cause by prolonged activity of standing and running. I’m no expert and not a doctor. I’m just sharing what works for me.  Some would definitely say go see a doctor and have a check-up, have some diet if your too heavy etc.  But since I didn’t fall under that, I simply tried to rest from sports for few weeks, massage my knee every night before going to sleep and after coming back to my usual activity I use some tight knee support.

Its works for me but it might not work for you. Always remember if the pain persists, go see a doctor. For me wearing the knee support is like magic no more knee pain walking down stairs.

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  1. Pinoy Social Says:

    atleast you felt okay now. Can you please post here the details you did on your treatment process? thanks

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